The talent show where the chorus shine and there is a musical VAR

Euphoria is the talent show where it is important to sing well as lead voice and have the generosity to make peers shine by doing chorus for them. Every contestant sings a solo song and does chorus for some of their colleagues’ performances. The jury only values their performances as solo singers. If they obtain a unanimous vote from the jury they are saved … for the time being. Because, at the end of the show, the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) comes into play. The VAR reviews the choruses in all the performances. Those who may fail in doing the chorus go straight to the danger zone, where the audience can expel them. Only the one who becomes the jury’s favorite can get immunity and avoid the VAR. The jury’s favorite will seat on a special chair. But the favorite’s chair isn’t forever. If someone does a better performance, they will become the new favorite and take their seat. Because Euphoria isn’t just looking for a singer, but the best and most complete one.

Non scripted  Talent show

Channel  TV3

Premiere  2022

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